There has always been an argument that Martial Arts may not be able to translate well to a street fight even the most brutal sports Like MMA and Muay Thai. I  have definitely had this conversation with many people and always will hear the phrase that if  you are in fight, would you really remember how to do x y z technique!.. Surprising  enough its not just normal average people that don’t train in Martial Arts but some Martial Arts teachers as well !

This type of exclamation could be legit when you are learning a Martial arts that is point based ( meaning where the strikes are just singular and form is the only objective) or could be the teaching to translate those techniques is improper. But i am sure as i have experienced in my own life that any full contact sport that moves toward engaging the opponent till a knockout is achieved like MMA, it can not be but effective on the streets.

This is a real life case, where a guy uses only his boxing techniques to actually stop three burglars from robbing his friend.

You can see that he only used 3 Main strikes excluding the kick on the head when the other guy has fallen.



The long hook : this is not a swing like most learned UN-efficiently from Martial Art, the swing is too wide and it will take to land. The long hook goes straight and curves at the end making it a devastating shot. perfect to use to stop the attacker before he is in your space.

The short Hook: Straight to the jaw the hook is a close counter punch as he moves toward closing in on you. This is the distance you see someone choking another person from.

The Cross : One of my personal favorite the cross. This is your dominant crossing from the back forward. The power gained from the distance momentum of the punch is devastating for an untrained individual.  You can also notice in the video, as the MMA person finishes kicking the guy on the floor, he rapidly initiates and  attacks on the second aggressor using a straight cross to his face.

So be at ease yes if you are training in Martial you can use it and make sure you choose a full Contact one, because those will be the most effective under real life threats.








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