Muay Thai transition to clinching and knees

One of the most asked questions from my students is that how do i get into throwing a knee, or how do i get into  a clinch. Some people are simply better at throwing punching and kicks and may be the best way to stop their attack is to clinch and work with knees.

But clinching and kneeing meaning either the opponent has made a mistake and you were able to reach and grab the head or he is totally unaware of the clinch. The latter might happen if the fighter is coming from a Karate, Taekwondo or kickboxing background where clinching is almost null to non existent.

If you are facing a person who trains proper and authentic Muay Thai, he will be aware of the clinch and the knees.
In order to step in to clinch, you will suffer alot of damage getting hit by jabs, crosses and kicks. It would be hell to get into it and simply clinch then knee.

One of the solution is actually waiting to counter.A counter is a defensive attack,as the opponent throws his attack you wait to counter. This is where you can find a proper timing and clinch.

The Cross counter in an orthodox stance,

as the cross is thrown, you parry the with the lead hand stepping outside the attack. The position held at that position would allow you to clinch with the right hand the head, keeping the opponent down and away from retaliating.

Once that position is achieved, throw the knee on the body or the head. This dangerous because of the countering effect. The opponent attack gives you more power as he drives his body into your knee.

remember to keep the arm bent, the reason is that a flat hand will allow the opponent to move out of it and has minimal pressure to keep him down. While hooking the head forces his head down and that also would generate power with keeping him in position locked for the knee.

Ps: Be explosive when performing to generate speed and a devastating knockout power.

As you drill this technique focus on control and take your time working the parry, the rest will follow easily.

In the below video, i describe how to actually work the cross counter.

Enjoy the Technique


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