Muay Thai the Art of War or the path to healing

Most people run to learn Muay Thai and MMA for self defense or fitness but they lose the meaning between the so much commercialized services out there. The trend of losing weight and fitness has hit Martial Arts and the so called derived products the likes of Tae Bo, Fight do have and even the Boxing itself has lost its meaning to the lesser concepts.

There is no doubt that any kind of form of physical activity is welcomed by your body. But true Martial Arts digs deeper under that all to reach the spirit. Muay Thai or any other Martial Arts is form of respecting yourself first and then respecting your teacher who is showing you this journey. Thanking him to have guided you on this process of transformation.

The sport has either transformed to a bloody sport with no meaning but to train thugs, or a watered down boxing that serves less than fitness.

The Direct Benefits

The right form has several direct benefits:

  1. Releases Stress
  2. Self Respect
  3. Self Confidence
  4. Regain Gratitude
  5. builds sustainable growth on yourself and your family

The Moral of the spirit

Some of many students that cross my path are looking to vent off their anger and feed back their self respect. The come with the bad habits they had formed. They smoke, eat un- regularly and are just in a very bad state of mind. They attend the class and after that first session, they are overwhelmed their body starts firing reactions. Some feel they need to throw up as their body just decided to clean itself up. From there on they start getting better, they stop smoking eat better, sleep better and feel they cant wait till the next training.

The Discipline and the Mind 

As their body starts to feel the need to feel good and clean, they start to force their mind to change. Engaging more and more regularly in the activity. Throughout the training the student becomes more focused to learn, avoid getting hit,learns self discipline to not hit back when the timing has stopped and to control their power.

As you grow through this martial arts you learn discipline, modesty that is underrated, self discipline, self respect and stop bickering on small mistakes. Even when you have become strong and you feel your strength, you stay humble and not get overwhelmed by power.

The Long Run effect on the health

The best effect that you can keep from this Martial Art, is that when you age your body will always be able to carry you. The body will retain more calcium, remains more active and most importantly you have saved your brain and health from betraying you.





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