Whether you are a professional a Kickboxing, Muay Thai or MMA fighter you probably would be aware of the hidden power and surprise attacks of spinning back fists and spinning head kicks.

The most dangerous one though is the spinning heel hook head kick. To describe the heel head kick, is like a hammer thrown at your jaw with both hands. The heel of the foot  rotates to 90 degrees and goes straight into the jaw combined with the power of the spin. It just ain’t fun.

As anything spinning it is hidden behind two steps, the set up spin, and then the actual rotation for the kick. When you step into the ring for your first couple of fights, you need to avoid getting struck by one of these. Even if you are a seasoned professional this will catch you off-guard if you are not trained well for them.

So how should you train for them? In a fight be aware of any attempts at a head kick, for they are the perfect set up to launch the spinning heel hook kick. Try to stay out of range of the kick. But if you find that you actually are in-range, what do you do?!

In the video below, I demonstrate where the heel kick comes from and then the actual defense strategy that should be applied.

  1.  Watch how the heel hook strikes the jaw.
  2. Watch how the spin is covered.The opponent tries to defend the head kick and is surprised, unsure what to do next.
  3. Watch the counter how it breaks all the momentum needed to actualize the head strike.

Note: I want you to be careful when you practice this with your partner.This can cause severe damage. So take it slowly and build it up as you improve. Head gear would be very advisable.


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